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Dance of the Vampires
Moonlight Shadow
Octopus's Garden
Tree house - light off
Tree house - light on
Abandoned place
Haunted place
Objet trouvé
The secret of chatGPT
Enchanted forest
Mind the gap to the underworld
Triangular relations
Lotus meditation
Lavender is in the air
Summer breeze
Detail of Günther Uecker's garden
In the Dutch mountains
Daliesque traffic light
Lily pond
Storm sweeps across the land
Where have all the flowers gone
The scream with the golden helmet
Neuronal synapses alert
The inner flame
Blood flow
the trumpets of Jericho
pilgrims on the Camino de Santiago
mysterious glow
somewhere in the middle of nowhere klein
running up that hill
on the banks of the blaumilchkanal
morning has broken
neuronal ecstasy
shadows of the ancestors
brugmansia sanguinea
too much pressure in the system
journey through time and space
in the Kandertal (Kander Valley)
approaching thunderstorm
wide sky wide land
la mer en colère
danse macabre
dancing the night away
Alpha Centauri
homage to Paul Klee
turn right
blue monk
lost fish
cosmic dancer
celestial spheres
say a prayer
Tierra del Fuego
ecce homo
the three wise men from the Orient klein
and the stars are looking very different today
sublime moment
nature in delirium
Herzog & de Meuron meets Frank O.Gehry
city lights through my window klein
planet earth revolves around roses
bouquet des fleurs
Z' Basel am mym Rhy
fiat lux
the dead eyes of Basel
holy man
the red turban
returning from the holy dip
pandemic nightmare
Der Himmel über Basel
the sky is watching you
variation on Gehry
celestial arches
Herzog & de Meuron meets R. Steiner
Gotham City International Airport
Gotham City International Airport
cupola illuminata
the holy grail
celestial spheres
Corona Lisa
Romeo and Juliet
the death of Basle
Once Upon a Time in the West - Spiel mir das Lied vom Tod
this is not Wuhan
there are no pockets in a shroud
Dreaming of Carnival
Basle Carnival
Chienbäse - a fire procession in the town of Liestal in Switzerland
Basle Carnival, Morgestraich
Basle Carnival, Morgestraich
rana esculanta -  pond frog
on the way to Transilvania
close to the edge
homage to Fernand Léger
red lights escaping the big bang
a clockwork orange
magic light
no fool on the hill
as time goes by
the lull before the storm
magic forest
Icarus on the way for his flight
Paysage pastoral
Zaha Hadid's fire station reloaded
Grenzacher Hornfelsen at full moon
homage to Salvador Dali
beam me up, Scotty
nocturnal procession
imaginary room 1
imaginary room 2
lantern march in the twilight zone
caverna magica
homage to the "Baslerstab"
Beyeler Foundation, Giacometti
landscape in mysterious light
light flooded forest
whispering of the woods
water lily
nature vivante
spring scenery with fictive curtain
a touch of spring
shades of violet
Cell of Hell - 3 celli & a drummer
Cell of Hell in action
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